Xbox Rewards members who spend at least 1,600 points on sports-related items during August will receive 240 points back.

For a full list of all eligible marketplace items, consult the the official Xbox forums. Please note that many eligible titles no longer feature online support. EA Sports keeps a running list of all recently released games that no longer support online play. For games from other publishers, you may have to look up the title individually to see if it still functions online.

Sports fans can earn an additional 20 free Microsoft points this month by completing the Xbox Rewards survey, which contains eight or fewer questions on topics like, "How do feel about motion controls in sports games?"

Unfortunately, the newly released Operation Sports Avatar Items do not count towards the promotion.

Play story call of duty

2012-08-29 12:44:12 by saljabali2012

ive shot someone in the chest with a model and that lag comp? or connection? what about this, ive shot someone with an ACR with red dot was on him and i got zero hit markers till about the 5 shot? can someone explain what this is? i figure its lag comp right?